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Many weeks ago Merri told me that she had found a small brown frog in an unusual place. He had made a new home in the top left hand corner of the paper towel dispenser in the mens bathroom. Merri had been carefully restocking the paper towels, so as not to disturb the newly named Ferdinand (after Magellan the explorer).

We allowed frog Ferdinand to remain in residence for quite some time, but worried he would starve, we carefully took him out to the pond garden aka amphibian heaven. Then one day not so long ago, lo and behold – Ferdinand had returned! Like his namesake before him, he had traversed many miles (1 centimetre=1 frog mile) of grass and pipes, perhaps a wall, perhaps a drain… we will never know the obstacles that stood between this small creature and his plastic wall mounted retreat.

For weeks we posted insects into the top of the dispenser, to ensure Ferdinand had sufficient nutrition. We thought he was hibernating for Winter but a little while ago, he vanished as quickly as he had appeared. Whomever restocks the paper towels may be seen to have a faraway expression, as they pause and ponder the whereabouts of our tiny bulbous eyed friend.

But don’t be sad! On this very morning, while Rebecca and I were in the kitchen, baking and drinking coffee – lo and behold! A small brown frog, sitting quietly at the kitchen door. We weren’t sure if he was coming or going, but we popped him out into the garden, to go on his way. Was it Ferdinand? He looked very much like him, perhaps a little skinnier, but maybe that’s what happens when you no longer have room service delivered to your dispenser.


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