Four stars and climbing, baby!

James Halliday, the god of wine writing, the creator of the Wine Companion, has granted us a fabulous four stars in the 2011 Companion! Our excitement knows no bounds! Now… how many places can we display that 4 star badge we received….


Allin & Matt Dwyer

We are proudly sponsoring an upcoming ‘father/son’ exhibition to be held at the Graydon Gallery in New Farm from 8th to 20th June.

Matt Dwyer and his father Allin Dwyer are both Brisbane artists, who visited our cellar door last year when in Girraween preparing for their exhibition. Their exhibition is to look at how two ‘related’ people are similiar and different in their approach to art practices, and how each has influenced one another.

Jester Hill wines will be served on the opening night, and we’ve sent a lovely range of whites, reds and a few bottles of Muckle John by request.

Matt also has his own shop – fio in fortitude valley.

Kieran our vineyard manager is an absolute gem and lights the fire in the cellar door every morning. It takes a while for it to warm the room, but for guests the sight of smoke wisping from the chimney is a welcoming sight, and they all seem to gravitate towards it to defrost upon arrival. We have a safety screen, not for children, but for the adults who want to park their bottoms on it!

The vines are asleep, waiting for their haircuts in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Kieran is waiting for the rest of our red wines to complete ‘malo’ (malolactic fermentation) – the Merlot is finished and looking great. Our 2010 Verdelho is showing great promise, and will be ready for bottling shortly. There was some crazy weather around last vintage, but in our little pocket here at Mt Stirling, we managed to escape the worst of it. (A few leaves lost to frost, that’s all) So 2010 is looking like a wonderful year.

We thought Facebook was a big leap forward for us technologically, but now here we are blogging! Most of our Jester friends live far away, so this is an easy way for us to share our goings on, adventures & funny stories with you all. Watch this space!